Food & Drink

Sushi, ramen, and Tokyo cocktails in faux alley

Set up to look like a Tokyo alleyway (paper doors, flags, paper lanterns...), Yataimura Maru lends an izakaya pub vibe to ever-growing Division, popping out small plates and ramen alongside stiff cocktails that'll have you considering a new Hello Kitty tattoo after just one or two

On arrival, bang the drum once to get set up with a table. Bang it twice for good luck. Bang it incessantly for bad luck, specifically in the form of them not giving you a table for being so annoying

Grab a seat at one of three open kitchens like this one, all of which pump out ramen and Japanese-style tapas like panko-fried mozzarella, gyoza, and salmon & yellowtail carpaccio

There's also a huge seating area with table-separating paper dividers that give the place the feel of a strangely good-smelling dojo.

Watch a knife-wielding master make sushi to order, like this pressed roll w/ crab, avocado, & spicy tuna, or the hefty Shigezo Big Roll w/ tuna, salmon, white fish, unagi, masago, and pretty much every one of Nemo's schoolmates.

For non-Nemo or noodle options, there's this fried pork/beef patty, steak with chili miso, and seafood & meat skewers cooked on the robata, which is presumably the female form of Mr. Roboto in Spanish. Don't check that

And since no izakaya is worth its... kaya(?) without a strong drink selection, their cocktail menu includes this Ginger Yuzu Drop (muddled w/ fresh ginger), and the wasabi-infused, yusu pepper-based Bloody Mariko -- easier to wake up to than that new tattoo.