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RIP: 12 shuttered Portland bars and restaurants we'll miss

Luckily we’ve got new restaurants and bars opening all the time in Portland, but as 2014 comes to a close, let's pause for a second to mourn the places that did exactly that (close) and say goodbye to these 12 bars and restaurants that we'll miss...

Produce Row Cafe

This fall Alan Davis unexpectedly announced the closure of his landmark craft beer bar, known for its fantastic outdoor patio and great tap selection, after 40 years of service.

Blue Monk

This bar hosted art and entertainment from jazz performances to belly dancers, but this spring the owners suddenly announced its closure with little explanation.

Wildwood Restaurant and Bar

A local leader in the farm-to-table movement, this one was hard for Portlanders to take, but after 20 years of serving fresh produce, the restaurant closed its doors this spring.


This French fine-dining spot was known for its meticulous plating and creative pairings, but it closed this year so that chef/owner Tony Demes could focus on non-culinary ventures.

Dalo’s Kitchen

North Williams
This beloved authentic Ethiopian spot closed this summer due to the North PDX development boom, but luckily the family-run business is now serving their injera from a food cart on 15th and Alberta.


Southeast Belmont
After a reboot in 2009, this Boot-foodery closed its door again this year for an “extended hiatus”.


This favorite watering hole is now home to a Southern brunch spot, Muscadine, which opened in October.

The Matador

West Burnside
After four long decades of serving cheap beer and rock 'n roll to cheery regulars from all walks of life, this dive bar poured its last pint this fall.

Easy Company

This ChefStable venture closed shop this October, but is already re-opened as Big Trouble, a laid-back, red lit space serving '50s era American-Chinese food.


After 24 years, this longtime Tex-Mex restaurant closed its doors when owners Joe and Martha decided to retire. They're probably already (re)tired of people asking for their salsa recipe.

Hoda’s Middle Eastern Cuisine

The Northeast outpost for hummus and falafel announced earlier this month that it was time to call it quits. Thankfully, the SE Belmont location is still open and going strong.     


The Pearl (aka Slabtown)
This iconic rock 'n roll venue had to drop the mic after the landlord of the building found a new tenant to take over the space.

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