The best burger in 15 Portland 'hoods


Burgers might just be the perfect food, and Portland's got no shortage of great options, which means you'd better do everything you can to make sure you're never too far from one. And yes, by "everything" we mean checking out our list of the best burger in 15 PDX 'hoods...

Tasty 'N Sons


Tasty 'N Sons (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Tasty Burger
Get in line for this "tasty burger" with bacon and your choice of Beecher’s cheddar or smoked bleu, all piled on a house-made bun. It’s a menu favorite at John Gorham’s neighborhood restaurant for brunch, happy hour, or dinner.   

John Valls


Imperial (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Flat-Top Burger
Chef Vitaly Paley might be busy making blini and other Russian delicacies at his recent pop-up dinners, but his burger at Imperial -- a toasted sesame bun that holds a patty covered in sharp cheddar, wood-fired grilled onions, heirloom tomato, and dill mayo -- is still his finest creation.  

Ringside Steakhouse

Goose Hollow

Ringside Steakhouse (address and info)
What you’re getting: The House Ground Happy Hour Cheeseburger
The Ringside might have a reputation for its $50 filet mignon, but hit the stalwart steakhouse for a burger steal during happy hour. The quarter pounder here is only $2.95, and you can add bacon for just a buck. Maybe you can have two.


The Pearl

Tilt (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Mad Andy
This burger is almost a foot tall and comes with an all-natural beef patty, honey-smoked bacon, beer-battered onion rings, jalapeños, and blue cheese crumbles on a house-made bun.

Flickr/Francis Storr


Killer Burger (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Peanut-Butter-Bacon-Pickle Burger
This local chainlet brings it on with an all-beef patty, bacon, pickle, and...peanut butter? Yes, it works -- salty, sweet, savory -- you’ll crave it like a pregnant lady. And at happy hour, or as they call it “crazy hour”, it’s only $5.95 with fries.

Lardo PDX

Ladd's Addition

Lardo (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Double Burger
This innovative sandwich shop also does a mighty fine take on the burger, thanks to two thick beefy patties coated in cheddar and topped with a house-made “porkstrami” and tangy Lardo sauce. Order it with dirty fries and you won’t need to eat anything else for a week.

Sunshine Tavern


Sunshine Tavern (address and info)
What you’re getting: Sunshine’s Griddle Burger
The griddle burger is all-beef chuck topped old-school-style with iceberg and Thousand Island dressing. Add a slab of crispy pork belly or chicken liver mousse and you’ve got yourself one meaty pile of food to mow down before immediately starting to work it off with a rousing game of shuffleboard.

Ate-Oh-Ate Hawaiian Restaurant


Ate-Oh-Ate (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Aina Burger
Crispy pork belly, kimchi relish, shredded iceberg, and shaved onion top the burger at this island-inspired spot, proving (finally!) that not all Hawaiian-style sandwiches come with teriyaki and pineapple.

Dick's Kitchen

Alphabet District

Dick’s Kitchen (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Classic Burger
Cavemen like Dick’s Kitchen because orders can be made paleo with one grunt, but the classic burger comes on a sourdough bun with a Carman Ranch beef patty, butter lettuce, roasted onion aioli, and house-made pickles.

The Fireside

Northwest 23rd

The Fireside (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Fireside Burger
This sucker comes with aged cheddar, aioli, pickled onion, tomato, and lettuce. Add bacon and/or an egg for a couple extra bucks and enjoy, presumably, by an open fire.

Radio Room


Radio Room (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Johnny Royale
A simple, delicious Kobe cheeseburger topped with the usual veggies and a sly Beastie Boys reference. This sucker’s only $6 during happy hour and somehow tastes better when it's served up on the joint’s rooftop patio, which somehow isn’t Alberta’s most crowded spot.



Foster Burger (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Double Foster
Two all-beef patties, Foster sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and a sesame seed bun. Except the bun is a Philippe’s Bread brioche bun. And all that other stuff’s done in-house. And it’s fantastic.

Doug Fir Lounge

Lower Burnside

Doug Fir Lounge (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Fir Burger
Thanks to the recently rejiggered menu, the Fir Burger has gone from ho-hum to fantastic, with a Wagyu patty topped with bacon, cheddar, arugula, and house-made pickles that's crammed between a brioche bun so every precious drop of Wagyu gets absorbed.



Bar Bar (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Classic Burger
Bar Bar -- sandwiched between Mississippi Studios and the 'hood’s best patio -- does burgers and fries. That’s it. And they do them wonderfully. Go classic and you’re getting the closest thing Portland has to In-N-Out. Except In-N-Out doesn’t serve Animal Style stuff at a window that also serves whiskey.



Stanich’s (address and info)
What you’re getting: The Special
For decades, no burger list has been complete without Portland’s original gut-bomb burger. Get it with ham, bacon, egg, and hand-cut fries. Then go to ZoomCare.

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