The 8 Best Free Bar Snacks in Portland

Drew Tyson/Thrillist
Drew Tyson/Thrillist

It's pretty easy to drop some serious cash on a night out it Portland, be it on romantic dates or strippers... or romantic dates with strippers. It's so easy in fact that we decided to hook you up with a (relatively) free way to hit the town by tracking down the eight best complimentary bar eats in the city. Feast your eyes...

Bar Vivant

Free tapas happy hour

Pix Patisserie/Bar Vivant (address and info)
At this bar and bakery happy hour means buy a drink, get a free tapa of your choosing, and on Tuesdays it goes all night long.

Sebastian Davis/Thrillist


Saraveza (address and info)
Every second Monday of the month, when you buy a beer it comes with smoky slice of bacon at this Green Bay Packers-loving bottle shop.

Courtesy of Paley’s Place

Potato chips and hard-boiled eggs

Paley’s Place (address and info)
Nob Hill
In the bar area of Chef Vitaly Paley’s 50-seat charmer you can enjoy crispy, homemade potato chips and perfectly boiled eggs on the house.

Lena Kim

Pimenton and brown sugar pepitas

SE Wine Collective (address and info)
This urban winery hub fits right in with the new Division vibe, and all guests are encouraged to try the sweet and spicy pumpkin seeds.

... More bacon

Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill (address and info)
Because Mondays generally suck, free bacon really makes them better... and at this neighborhood sports bar it’s buy a drink, get a crispy piece of our favorite protein.

La Cocina


La Cocina (address and info)
Head into this homestyle Mexican spot on Tuesday nights for a crispy taquito appetizer with sour cream and guacamole on the house.

Mediterranean Exploration Company

Dried fava beans

Mediterranean Exploration Company (address and info)
The Pearl
At John Gorham’s MEC, every guest starts with a bowl of dried fava beans, a salty Spanish snack that should be enjoyed with a herbaceous Retsina Spritz.

Rice crackers

Departure (address and info)
Out on the high-rise West deck of Gregory Gourdet’s pan-Asian mecca, nibble on crispy rice crackers while sipping on hibiki Japanese whiskey.

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