The Grain & Gristle crew fires up the hearth and the bonesaw

Food from Old Salt Marketplace

Emulating an old-school wagon trail-era grocery -- minus the part where you had to buy & eat pretty gross stuff -- the crew behind Grain & Gristle has set up camp in Concordia w/ Old Salt Marketplace, offering a lunch counter rocking sandwiches w/ house-cured meat, a full butcher shop, and supper service roasting up pretty much every character from Animal Farm.

The hearth at Old Salt Marketplace.

Something of a cautionary tale for God-fearing chickens and pigs, all the meats are fired up in a wood-burning brick hearth right out in the open.

The meat counter at Old Salt Marketplace.

Much like the animals it serves, this place is split in half, with this side featuring soups and sandwiches, plus a full array of take-home steaks, bacon, roasts & sausages courtesy of the in-house butcher.

The dining area of Old Salt Marketplace.

The other side's reserved for supper, and rocks a rustic/fancy aesthetic (kinda like Yosemite Sam's Summer home), with jars of veggies pickling on reclaimed-wood shelves and taps pouring local micros served up on a hand-built bar.

Steak tartare at Old Salt Marketplace.

The small plates menu's loaded with all kinds of complex flavors. If, like ODB, you like it raaaaaaaaaaaaaw, feast on this steak tartare with thin-sliced crisp toast. If, baby, you like it cooooooooooked, score some turnip/potato griddle cakes or fluffy ham biscuits.

The daily pork selection at Old Salt Marketplace.

Entrees are gigantic, and include that half chicken w/ wheat berries & pie crust way up top. They've also got catfish, and pig that's constantly changing. The pictured daily selection includes cracklings, roasted leg, head cheese, and sausage on a bed of turnips.

The Old Fashioned at Old Salt Marketplace.

Up at that handmade bar, you can score twists on classic cocktails including a Brown Derby w/ house-made grapefruit bitters, and this brown-butter Old Fashioned. So maybe getting off the wagon isn't so gross after all.