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You should be eating at these 5 places right now

Published On 08/14/2013 Published On 08/14/2013
A delicious sandwich

In a recent poll of Portlanders, it was revealed, shockingly, that they enjoy eating. And drinking. And tight pants. To satisfy two of those urges, you should be checking out these five amazing eateries specializing in scratch-made everything... from arepas to pastries, meat pies to ultra-dope cocktails, and marshmallows by the foot. Tight pants are no longer an option.


5425 NE 30th; Concordia
From a former St. Jack barman and the Top Chef Master behind Beast (not Kelsey Grammer... dude's a terrible cook) comes this inconspicuous, laid-back bit of awesome specializing in high-end cocktails and spicy twists on drinking snacks, like a sweet chili halibut sandwich, rice noodles w/ lamb bacon, and a Chinese sausage corn dog w/ XXX sauce that thankfully has nothing to do w/ Vin Diesel.

The Honey Pot
4220 N Mississippi; Mississippi Ave; 503.954.1463
Having gained notoriety as a cart-pod favorite, The Honey Pot's expanded into a new brick-and-mortar specializing in breakfast items like prosciutto-wrapped baked eggs, seasonal sweet pies, and hearty savory ones like this Ole Mole pot pie that subs out normal gravy for a figgy/chocolatey sauce. Don't worry. If you still require your pies from a cart, you can still get your Pot fix there too.

Teote Areperia
1615 SE 12th; Hawthorne District; 971.888.5281
Bringing a little much-needed Venezuelan love to our city, this place -- located in a funky two-story house with a badass back patio and a fully stocked bar -- specializes in a wide variety of the country's trademark buttery corn cakes, including pork belly, chorizo/plantain, and steak. You can eat them all by your lonesome, or order them up family-style, then just eat three people's worth of food all by your lonesome.

1025 SW Stark; Downtown; 971.300.8395
Like Wonka's factory -- minus all the child murder and horrible lies -- this place is fully stocked with handmade caramels, lollipops, and gumdrops in flavors ranging from smoked cola to tangerine. Were that not enough, there're also five different kinds of marshmallows you can order by the foot... something Wonka might have thought of if he wasn't preoccupied w/ thinking up an explanation for Veruca Salt's horrible fate.

Roman Candle Bakery
3377 SE Division; Clinton/Division; 971.302.6605
The dude behind the Stumptown empire was already on fire after Ava Gene's took off, but that didn't stop him from opening up this crazy-good bakery next door, which specializes in desserts, breads, sandwiches like this albacore/chili verde deliciousness, and -- soon -- pizza bianca, which's a white pizza so addictive, you might as well toss out all your pants and just start rocking sweats.

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1. Expatriate 5424 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR 97211 (Concordia)

Arguably one of Portland's most popular cocktail bars, the bartenders at Expatriate are professionally trained mixologists who, in addition to perfecting the classics, have a knack for creating custom or experimental drinks. And in addition to these carefully-crafted concoctions, the bar also offers a menu of refined bar bites. The Prohibition-era vibe is evident from the gold and red decor that is way more sexy than kitschy.

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2. Teote 1615 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 (Hawthorne Dist)

A fun and festive late-night spot and casual eatery, the Eastside's Teote is a super-authentic Latin American spot that serves up tasty street fare and grilled meat entrees alongside mezcal cocktails and cervezas aplenty. Known for their crave-worthy arepas, tossed with jalapenos, cheddar, and haberno lime crema, they're so good, you won't even mind that they're gluten free. Teote's semi-hidden upstairs bar area on the top floor, with its own bar area and fire pit, is a great summertime lounging locale.

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3. The Honey Pot 4220 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217 (Mississippi Ave)

The famous food cart's got a brick-and-mortar serving up sweet and savory pies on Mississippi Ave.

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5. Roman Candle Baking Co. 3377 SE Division, Portland, OR 97202 (Clintondivision)

This Clinton/Division bakery and cafe makes tasty pizzas that straddle the line between flatbread and focaccia-- neither too crunchy nor too fluffy, these pies have the crust to filling ratio on lock. Fresh baked bread, green salads, and pastries are also on offer inside their stylish, Euro-chic digs.



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