Ridiculous brunch sammies & more ridiculous grilled-cheese burgers

Brunch Box

Transforming from food cart to actual restaurant like a morbidly obese Optimus Prime, Brunch Box's name belies its larger ambitions as an all-day breakfast joint that also specializes in ridiculous bovine fistwiches served up between insanely dense grilled cheeses

Since most doctors recommend starting the day with as many calories as possible, the all-day brunchwich menu includes this teriyaki-soaked Hawaiian Breakfast w/ cheesy spam, an egg-topped Monte Cristo, and the egg/ bacon/ ham/ spam/ cheese OMG, which'll greatly increase your chances of meeting the one whose name you are taking in vain

This Slaughterhouse IV burger is actually heavier than was an elderly Kurt Vonnegut, loaded as it is with beef, turkey, bacon & cheese. If you're on a diet though, you'll probably want the Monstrosity w/ double beef & double bacon stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. So it goes.

If you're not in the mood for a burger, you're an idiot. But you're an idiot who can also score chicken sandwiches and grilled PB&Js... just save room for these bacon cheese fries, and prepare for Megatron to be replaced by Megaton... AKA you.

The Hawaiian Breakfast at Brunch Box.
The Monstrosity burger at Brunch Box.
Bacon cheese fries at Brunch Box.