The electric kitchen tapas test

Racion's like a combination of Mr. Wizard's kitchen and the factory of Willy Wonka's flesh-hungry brother, firing up complex tapas in an open, all-electric kitchen where you can watch chefs as they reduce, compress, and do other mad-scientisty things to foods before reassembling them into edible art

Plants be hungry too, and the window-filled space lets Babylonian-levels of hanging plants and terrariums eat their fill of light

The main event's an ever-changing five-course tasting menu with goods like these shredded halibut cheeks aside compressed apples, pork tenderloin with beets & granola, and cauliflower panna cotta with trout roe, which is a prison block where they yell, "Dead man wading!

If you want to pick and choose, you can kick it in the lounge and knock back a la carte single tapas like pork belly w/ corona beans, Spanish octopus w/ maitake mushrooms and an incredibly sexy accent, and sous-vide egg.

Even the cocktails here take classic ideas and get crazy inventive, like a chorizo-infused margarita w/ sea salt foam, and this classic martini served w/ a "liquid olive", which's made by freezing puree, then submerging it in a special liquid that gives it a skin on the outside but keeps it liquid on the inside... kind of like a boozy Gusher, or what Mr. Wizard would call "the greatest scientific achievement in human history".