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Raw fish on the fast track

Alright, so, elephant in the room: this place doesn't serve Irish sushi. But -- plopped down near SE's massive Fubonn Asian market -- it does pump out excellently priced sushi, nigiri, and other Japanese bites onto a gigantic conveyor belt. So it's still cool

$2 gets you 3-4 pieces of all sorts of fish off the belt, like the butterflied-shrimp/unagi Rocky Roll, the tempura-stuffed Super Crunchy Roll, and the crabby, wonderfully punny Ichi Roll

For those who like their flavors more simple, there's a huge nigiri selection including octopus, mackerel, peppered tuna, sea urchin, and surf clam, which turned into skydiving clam after figuring out the Ex-Presidents' true identities

Raw fish kill your family? Then opt for goods like sesame balls, calamari, pork dumplings, or this brothy udon bowl w/ tempura shrimp

And finally: the specialty rolls. Destroy this eel/shrimp/salmon Midnight Sun, devour the Black & White with yellowtail & escolar tuna, and thank the Celtic gods that they don't actually have a Cabbage Roll.