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PDX's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Grilled Cheese at Urban Bistro in Portland

April was National Grilled Cheese Month, so if you don't eat all of these show-stoppers before May hits, you hate America. And worse, you hate grilled cheese.Portland Urban Bistro's Grilled Cheese1914 W Burnside St; Goose Hollow; 503.764.9633The Grilled Cheese That Killed Elvis: Panchetta+ cheese + deep fryer= a 5000 calorie hunka-hunka-burnin' casket. More on PDX's Urban Bistro...while you still can.Brunch Box's MonstrositySW 5th Ave; Southwest Portland; 503.477.3286Take two grilled cheeses, and between them shove two burgers, some cheese, and 4 slices of bacon, then alert the hospital. But before you do, check out more on BBoxGrilled Cheese Grill's The Gabby1027 NE Alberta; Northeast Portland; 503.206.8959With four local cheeses and a ton of bacon between two hunks of bread, this is the hottest Union since Gabrielle starred in Bad Boys II. Ohhhh!!Take a peak at info on all of GCG's locationsGil's Speakeasy's Grilled Cheese609 SE Taylor St; Industrial District; 503.234.8991Everyone should listen to Prince's advice, and this grilled cheese does: Tillamook cheddar and cream (cheese), you on top. All their info is online here. (Some speakeasy!)The Goodfoot's Grilled Cheese 2845 SE Stark St; Kerns; 503.239.9292Huge chunks of cheddar & pepper jack are smooshed between housemade garlic aoili to make a sandwich so delicious, Robert Pattinson would have no choice but to eat it and die. If only!!Get the full menu here, and sample it after your 5-star grilled cheese...

Grilled cheese at Goodfoot in Portland
Grilled cheese at Portland's Speakeasy