Two-stories of British gastropub

The moon has been attributed with many powers, from promoting fertility, to conjuring werewolves, to exploding the crap out of hotel toilets. The kids are alright! Drawing on another lunar myth: Rabbit in the Moon

Staking claim to a British gastropub tradition they describe as more "country inn than watering hole", RITM's ivy draped exterior houses a bi-level space split between a casual open-kitchen downstairs bar, and a parlor-style upstairs with a working fireplace and terrace; the name comes from the legend that "if you see a rabbit in the full moon you must be in love". Or on drugs.

The bar's rocking snacks like foie gras with strawberry gastrique, pork w/ pickled vegetables, and platters of artisanal meat/terrines/fish, as well as classic hearty entrees like Fish & Chips, Bangers and Mash (turkey, chicken, or beef), a cod "burger", and sausage & lentils, which unlike yentls won't try to hook the sausage up with their friend's daughter.

More sophisticated fare's represented by starters of tempura soft shell crab w/ tartar sauce, caviar & remoulade'd sea scallops, and ricotta gnocchi with artichokes, plus mains including crispy duck breast with figs/Swiss chard, and lavender-surrounded roasted lamb loin w/ baby veggies, who wish they were older so they didn't have to eat themselves

To wash it all down, the "chefs du bar" will be turning out an array of cocktails, from the Manor Fizz (Citadel, lemon juice, agave nectar, egg white, Bosch pear) to the muddled vodka/lime juice/agave nectar/cilantro Cucumber Moon -- have enough, and you'll wish Keith hadn't beat you to the toilet.