A nutso gastronomic dinner

Moonshine is always a risky concoction -- too much will have you seeing things, and wayyy too much will ensure you never again do. Defying optometrists everywhere, A Razor, A Shiny Knife's Moonshine dinner, Saturday

ARASK is a three-man NY based foodie collective that's been throwing cross-country popup dinner/crazy cooking demos for the past couple years, and're just now returning to LA for an all corn-based feast, for the first time ever paired with charcoal-filtered clear-corn Original Moonshine, which's distilled four times in a copper Prohibition-era pot, which must not've been very good, considering what those people went through to get their hands on booze. Food-making's hands-on, with chefs demonstrating high-level techniques using liquid nitrogen, gelatins, and sous vide, and features a final product of a sick seven-courser of vittles like corn-fed rib steak with bone marrow & frisee; veal w/ cornmeal, black truffle, & huitlacoche, and a concoction with corn cob, cornmeal, lima beans, and lump crab, who wouldn't be, if it'd fix its attitude, and get that checked out. The booze pairings are still being fine tuned, but are likely to include uniqueness like the "Shine Tea" (moonshine, lemon juice, creme de peche, tea), the "Chicha de Avena" ('shine, oatmeal, passion fruit, salt, clove, cinnamon, sugar) and the 'shine/simple syrup/lime/basil "Red Hot Bootlegger," which also has jalapenos that have been de-seeded, for which you can probably blame Boise State's kicker.

If you can't make the Saturday dinner, on Thurs and Fri they're also doing hands-on test-kitchen sessions, also with the option of booze -- though go easy, as the only coma anyone should go into is the food kind.