Ride or Fry

You can learn a lot of things from your grandma, though, to be fair, most of them are vaguely bigoted. Now learning you on a non-bigoted delicious thing his grandma taught him, the guy behind Ride or Fry

Ride or Fry's a just-launched street wagon doling out Caribbean-fusion soul food, from a guy who cheffed around Seattle and San Fran before deciding to launch a business based on cooking with his grandma, then proceeded to do pop-ups in NYC and at music festivals all over the world, serving up artists like Rusko and MIA, who surprisingly actually showed up. The trucks grub centerpiece is the chicken: first soaked in kosher salt water, then in lemon rind, buttermilk, tea, and spices for a day, then crispied up in peanut oil and served a la carte or with your choice of pumpkin grits, cheese "mac up", or cucumber corn ginger salad, which is tossed, then kicked, at least at AE Wright. They've also got yam banana catfish, as well as tacos stuffed w/ blueberry Guinness brisket, which's pit-smoked, also a majorly inefficient way to inhale a cigarette.

They're starting out by hitting semi-private events like tonight's free-boozie, tech-ish Mindshare party, as well as hosting a miniseries on The Cooking Channel, but of course you can follow them on Twitter -- a technology that would teach you even more about grandma, if they didn't already kick her off.