Buffalo, deer, and antelope might want to stay away from this burger spot

It takes a visionary to improve upon something that's already well-loved, like when Jeff Buckley immortalized Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", or when davidchoimusic immortalized Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" on YouTube, or when maijapop immortalized davidchoimusic's YouTube version of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" on YouTube, or when... Setting out to immortalize burgers n' fries, Roam.

Roam's an "artisan" burger shack from a team of local foodies who care just as much about their ingredients' freshness n' sustainability as they do about the totally unique flavor profiles they create; the farmhouse-chic vibe's born out by a big bar made from a slice of a one massive tree branch, wooden benches, and a sweet light fixture made of milk bottles, which, provided someone hot's standing beneath it, still does a body good. After choosing your patty type (grass-fed beef, bison, free range turkey, or veggie), select your own toppings or opt for one of Roam's tasty builds, e.g., Sunny Side (fried egg, sweet chili sauce, aged white cheddar, etc.), or Tejano -- a spicy combo of white corn, pepperjack, jalapeno relish, and weirdly huge belt buckles. Then grab a side like zucchini/onion strings seasoned with cloves n' lemon zest or sweet potato fries with chipotle sauce n' maple syrup, and order up a shake topped with a marshmallow they'll brulée in front of you with a blowtorch -- your move, Bi-Rite Creamery

On tap they've got domestic brews like Boont Amber and Mothership Wit, two red/white wines, and even "Kombucha Botanica" from a dude in Santa Cruz, who's done his best to improve upon something people like, but you don't really care for solid masses of yeast and bacteria, do ya?