Your one-stop-shop for rolling food

Ever since the beginning of time in the 1830s, technology's allowed humans to do less work themselves -- just think about the cotton gin, the personal computer, or the fleshlight. Now stop thinking about the fleshlight, and start finding food faster with Roaming Hunger 2.0.

Launched by a now LA-based SF expat, RH had been around for awhile as a searchable street food repository, but has just now relaunched w/ technologically-advanced functionality all designed to increase the ease of finding grub/decrease the ease of buckling your belt. The newness:

Alerts: Input your number or email, address, range in miles, and lunch time, and the site'll drop you a real-time update of which twittering trucks've landed in your hood, which could be bad for your back, but aren't you already inviting trouble with such a huge hood, anyway?

City Map: A real-time gmap mashup w/ clickable icons that reveal the truck's latest location tweet as well as relevant timing details, though all two-timing details are handled exclusively by Charlie Sheen.

Book a Vendor: For the especially lazy, request a truck come to you by filling in basics (time, location, email, etc) and choosing your top three food genres, w/ options ranging from "Kebab" to "Deli" to "Fusion", but not cold fusion, since the scientist working for that Russian in The Saint already concluded that it's impossible. And that movie never lies!

Of course, the site's still got navigable reviews of tons of trucks and stands, which you're free to peruse, as soon as you're done enjoying the technologically-enhanced explosiveness offered by your natural-feeling... cotton gin.