The Rolling Stove

There're a few things that construction workers know how to do really well, and all of them involve looking completely casual while eating lunch on a really high I-beam. Now one of them's serving you lunch, from the Rolling Stove.

From a construction worker whose buddies were always begging him to cook at parties, the Stove's a food truck boasting a serious kitchen inside, an unapologetically gluttonous menu, and a scary-looking exterior covered bumper to bumper in flames and rocking a picture of a potbelly stove, a cruel reminder of what its burgers'll give you. For starters, there's Onion Straw (a pile of crazy-thin crispy fried onions treated with Stove's own habanero jerk sauce), Ron's Bites (1/4-in spud slices fried and covered in either cheddar or parm), and fries hand-cut daily and optionally smothered in a Wisconsin cheddar cheese spread called Merkts, which is basically gourmet Cheez Whiz -- proving somebody beats the Whiz. Full-on meals take the shape of a burger with a uniquely awesome blend of ground skirt steak, rib eye, and bacon packed into a 7oz patty and topped with onions, house sauce, and Merkts; a spicy pulled jerk chicken sandwich on thick-cut Texas toast with slaw; a 1lb pile of jerk-sauce-smothered chicken wings roasted then grilled for charring; and a ground steak sandwich simmered in house sauce called the Sloppy Jerk -- conjuring up depraved images of Kramer from Seinfeld.

There're also weekend specials like ribs (rubbed overnight, slow roasted, and finished on grill with jerk sauce) and fish tacos, plus desserts like Key lime pie and a chocolate-covered frozen banana with nuts -- exactly what this dude's friends think he is, now that he's serving lunch to people on the ground.