A food truck, on snow

Part of the joy in taking a vacation is saying goodbye to your everyday routine, though be warned: girlfriends kind of hate when you call 'em that. Ensuring you only keep the best part of that routine (food trucks) when you head to the slopes, Roving Mammoth.

Just launched on-mountain by a dude who's been working there for 40 years, Roving Mammoth's doling out burritos and more right on the hill via a duo of specially tricked out 330hp Edge snowcats, also what they call Canadian reggae groupies willing to licky boom-boom down. Now running in time for the Christmas rush, the trucks're serving up to-go lunch-and-breakfast wraps (eggs/ green chili/ salsa in the AM; beef, chicken, bean & cheese by the time you actually get there) on runs without food, including 4/ 9/ 12/ 23...42...oh Desmond, what have you gotten the skiers into?!?! In addition, each truck's serving up both hot and cold, flask-ready bevvies (coffee/ Red Bull/ juice), with a window-approachable metal step on one of the treads, but not one of the dreads, because it's not that type of Snow on this mountain, you crazy horny Canadian groupies!

Once they're full-force, they're planning on adding calzones, as well as churros stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries -- perfect for helping you say goodbye to your everyday routine, and say hello to your everyday rotund.