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The 9 Best Raspa Joints in San Antonio

Published On 08/25/2015 Published On 08/25/2015
Las Nieves
Chamoy City Limits
Big Daddy's
Frozen Fridays
Sam's Snack Stand
Snowcone Addiction
Snow Monkey
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1. Big Daddy's Eats & Treats 228 E Cevallos, San Antonio, TX 78204

This brick-and-mortar version of the original truck brings the same killer raspas we know and love. The fluffy ices are topped with in-house blend of condiments and some come with pieces of fruit mixed in.

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2. Frozen Friday's 447 W Hildebrand Ave Ste 105, San Antonio, TX 78212

You should be very thankful for Frozen Fridays. Not only are their raspas delicious, but they can be delivered to your (hopefully) air-conditioned home so you don't have to risk bursting into flame upon stepping out the door.

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3. Sam's Snack Stand 4410 Callaghan Rd , San Antonio, TX 78228

Sam's is a great place to grab a summer snack, mostly because of their raspas. The watermelon and lemon-lime ices are must-tries for anyone who claims to be a true San Antonian.

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4. Snowcone Addiction 213 Palo Alto Rd, San Antonio, TX 78211

Snowcone Addiction can become just that -- their snowcones are some of the best around. Their Gorilla Drank has become a local favorite and signature flavor, but more simple options can be even better.

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5. Snow Monkey Shaved Ice 1604 Frederickburg, San Antonio, TX 78201

The "shaved ice" at this spot is as fluffy and wonderful as real snow and comes in super refreshing flavors like mojito. Don't let the name mislead you though, they also serve snacks like nachos and Frito Pie.

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6. M&M's Shaved Ice 3203 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221

This spot serves both super fresh, fruity, shaved ices and a full menu of fried food -- including a fried Oreo kabob & fried pickles.

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7. Chocolateka 18720 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258

Chocolateka has a way to please your sweet tooth no matter the season. In colder weather, visit for the comfort of their three chocolate fountains. In the summer, their raspas will help you bear the heat. At anytime, treats like chocolate covered Oreos will make you glad you stopped in.