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Classy Carlsbad joint gets a facelift

With a very clear vision of their direction, and pretty much everything else if their name's to be believed, the crew at Twenty/20 have completed a massive overhaul, redoing the interior/menu and expanding their ocean-view veranda to make guests feel like they're in San Sebastian without completely relying on their relative blindness.Aside from Catalonia, Spaniards are like, really good at sharing, so they'll be rocking traditional tapas (pictured up top) like bacon-wrapped dates with Cabrales Blue and a piquillo pepper tomato sauce, Shrimp a la Plancha with chili/lemon, and charred octopus. Because nothing screams Northern Spain like pizza, they'll be making unleavened pies like this guy with Parmesan, cilantro, and spicy bacon. The new cornerstone of the liquids program is a trio of housemade sangrias all using Torres Brandy, or -- if sangria's not your preferred avenue to near-blindness -- opt instead for the Spanish Marg with jalapeno-infused agave nectar and a touch of Torres orange liqueur.