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Del Mar's healthiest bar

The first physical location for a previously online-only juice cleanse system, bBar's the demand-driven response to their customers' needs: a Del Mar storefront just behind Urban Pi where they're slinging all-organic, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, unfortunately-not-served-for-free healthy liquids pressed in-house. Bonus: more hot moms than the pick-up turnaround at Del Mar Heights Elementary

Hydraulically cold-pressed on-site so the science-y goodness remains in tact, juices run from the digestion aiding Fennel Love with green apple, to the carrot/orange-based, immunity-boosting What's Up Doc.

To ensure ladies whistle at your delts and traps, take down this muscle-recovery “Rockstar” smoothie with sprouted almond milk, coconut water, banana, Beaming protein, coconut butter, dates, vanilla, and the scary sounding e3Live Blue Majik.

If you prefer things in bowls, smoke this Beaming Acai number featuring hemp (yay!) seeds (awww!), unsweetened acai, sprouted almond milk, Beaming protein, blueberry, and banana, then topped with raw granola & local honey.

For those looking to get it over with quick, hit their “Powershots” like the hangover-curing “Yikes” (sparkling mineral water, apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, local raw honey, B vitamins & a secret-ingredient-they-swear-isn't-whiskey), or this libido-boosting, Yoo-Hoo-esque mix of sprouted almond milk, coconut water, damiana, maca, cacao, vanilla, and coconut nectar called the “Sexy Shot”, which is much cheaper to take down than those moms in the BMW X5s.