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Eat like a sailor in the Gaslamp

Obviously named for an infamous schooner captain who once hit the high seas with actor Sterling Hayden when he kind-of kidnapped his kids and absconded to Tahiti to write his autobiography, Spike Africa's is a new Gaslamp fish house paying homage to the "President of the Pacific" thanks to its "urbanautical"-themed accents (ropes! 100yr-old wood tables!) and sea-focused menu. About-to-be salty dogs will want to kick things off with the Seaside Oyster Roast, their significantly less old-moneyed version of oysters Rockefeller.Marinated for 12hrs in buttermilk, this soft-shell crab is deep-fried then slapped on brioche with a housemade remoulade and slaw. If your taste for ocean meat only extends to the bikini-clad kind that line its shores, fear not! You can get your pork on with these sweet brown sugar BBQ-glazed ribs served with a seaweed macaroni salad. The bar will be mixing up a dozen house 'tails like the Famous Grouse, Drambuie, lemon & mint Scotch Smash, though consume it responsibly, as outside the seas, Spike has limited powers in pardoning questionable behavior.