Pizza kingpin goes Asian

Surprisingly not just serving Bloods sausages and Crips Suzette, Gang Kitchen's the new project from Jon Mangini (URBN, Basic), which stays true to the industrial-leaning style of his previous joints with accents like concrete bars/booths made of rebar, but moves away from New Haven-style pizzas in favor of a “multi-Asian” menu from culinary heavyweight Jo Ann Plympton.

The tri-tiered interior is riddled with art installations including this gritty figure overlooking the private dining area

Also the title of the worst It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode ever, the Gang Fried Rice is loaded with carrot, celery, onion, red pepper, mushroom, Benton Bacon from Tennessee, and a top secret stir fry sauce

This Grilled Shanghai Beef is doused with a Japanese mustard vinaigrette and made with fancified Wagyu sirloin.

Jason O'Bryan's handling the 'tail program with beasts like this mix of Yamazaki 12yr whiskey, Cynar, and salt dubbed the Dark Arts (suck it, warlocks!).

They're also bottling up two cocktails including the East Asian Tonic (Absolut, St. Germain, Cocchi Americano, absinthe, lemongrass, ginger, lemon) and the Gang Pimm's Cup with lemon-lime cordial and Japanese cucumber water, which should never be ordered in a real gang's kitchen, unless you want a knuckle sandwich.