Tequila and Mexican street food in the Gaslamp

The Blind Burro's the new passion project from the Good Time Design crew (Bootlegger, Block 16, etc.), featuring a group-friendly interior accented by huge communal tables, a corner-spanning bar that opens up onto the patio, and a “South-of-the-border street food” menu loaded with shareables, over 100 tequilas, and even a handy translation key for any pinche gringos who are now Google-translating “pinche gringos”. Highlights include:

Much like the empty space in your soul, some of the tables also can be filled with booze.

If the beer-cubby isn't your thing, choose from internally chilled concoctions like this Mexicanized tribute to Lebowski, the horchata/ Patron XO/ cinnamon “El Buey”..

… or the beef jerky-laced Azteca with mezcal, ginger, chipotle simple syrup, and a chipotle salt rim.

Avoid scurvy, rickets, and sobriety with their tomato/ grapefruit/ orange/ lime/ Cholula house sangrita, which they're serving with over 100 selections of tequila, mezcal, and Bacanora -- a pre-colonial, Sonoran agave spirit illegal until '92.

Because Kathy Lee is the only man who can survive on liquids alone, try the Sonoran Queso Crisp: a grilled flour tortilla loaded with oaxaca/ cotija cheese, roasted poblanos, tomatoes, and “taco shop guac” (be cool, it just means it's "lighter").

Charred to accentuate the fattiness of the meat, these glorious fish collars are coated in an orange chipotle bbq-glaze.

Served alongside red mole black beans, this grilled Angus skirt steak is topped with grilled spring onions and salsa macha... meaning it's made from nuts and herbs, pinche gringo.