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Blaze Pizza is giving away entirely free pizza in San Diego today

Blaze Pizza

Free pizza. All day long. Honestly, what more do you really need to know? Today (Oct 3rd), build-your-own artisanal pizza chain Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza is celebrating its new Encinitas location at 127 N El Camino Real with entirely free, whole pies from 11am-10pm.
The nation-wide chain is not only looking out for your hunger/wallet, they also have another mission: to beat their record of free pies given out (which happens to be 1,644 pies – given out in Bethesda, Maryland). As long as you follow Blaze Pizza on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you are entitled to an entire free pizza. Don’t know enough about Blaze Pizza? It’s okay, we’ve got you: each location features an assembly line, allowing patrons to customize one of their signature 11in, thin-crust pizzas, or create their own from a wide variety of fresh ingredients. They also offer gluten-free dough and vegan cheese – you know, if you’re into that sort of thing. The new Encinitas location will also have wine and craft beer available. Oh, and if you didn’t get it from their name, Blaze Pizza prides itself on having your pizza ready-to-eat FAST (specifically, 180 seconds).

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