Holy crêpe! Bino's back in business!

Cajun omelet at Bino's Bistro and Crêperie.

After crepe-ing all over the hearts of Francophilic locals when they closed the doors on their Coronado location of 14yrs last March, bros Bino and Bogie are back at it, this time hitting Hillcrest with 20 different kinds of crepes on the menu, and other brunch faves like this Cajun omelet with andouille sausage alongside roasted herb potatoes

For fresh air, there's a large outdoor patio, while the inside sports vintage touches like a Polaroid-toting elephant, who apparently forgot smartphones exist now

Oh right, there are also crepes! Savoriness includes this Crepe a la Mexicain (Spanish for "a terrible Brad Pitt movie"), which can be made with either marinated chicken breast or chorizo along with avocado, ranchera sauce, queso & sour cream

If you're a fan of sweetness, know that Walter Payton would have wanted you to try this caramel apple number with poached apples, raisins, nuts, caramel sauce & whipped cream

Because crepes aren’t the most portable food, grab one of their fresh-baked muffins or chocolate croissants to go

They're also stuffing things into regular-type bread, in this case roasted turkey breast with brie, apple slices & cranberry sauce

For now you'll have to wash things down with an assortment of coffees and teas, but once they snag a liquor license they'll be opening for dinner and adding an extensive beer and wine list. And also actual beer and wine. Not just, like, a list of them.

Bino's Bistro and Crêperie.
Crêpe a la Mexicain at Bino's Bistro and Crêperie.
Apple caramel crêpe at Bino's Bistro and Crêperie.
Fresh baked pastries at Bino's Bistro and Crêperie.
Apple turkey Brie sandwich at Bino's Bistro and Crêperie.
Cappuccino at Bino's Bistro and Crêperie.