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Wash down seafood poutine with cocktails by the bottle

Fries with Eyes at Fish Public in San Diego.

Bringing the best the ocean has to offer from both coasts, Fish Public in Kensington is cooking up sea life in just about every conceivable way, but -- let's be honest -- you're particularly interested in fried fare, like the Fries with Eyes, made by battering smelt in cornmeal, frying it to a golden crisp, topping it with capers, and serving it along with lemon-basil aioli. They will literally help watch your weight.

Seafood Poutine at Fish Public in San Diego.

The bay scallops, mussels, clams, and calamari in this seafood poutine may not be fried, but they're sitting on a bed of French fries covered in a cheesy Mornay sauce and a sprinkling of Fontina, so we'll let that slide.

Cod Tots at Fish Public in San Diego.

Also from the Atlantic side of the menu, these Cod Tots consist of bite-sized salt cod fritters plated with dill cream. They will never grow up to be big and strong, because you will eat them.

Fish and Chips at Fish Public in San Diego.

Classic fish and chips made with fried labrador (what?!?!) red fish (oh... ) come with the classic lineup of fries (ahem, chips!), tartar sauce, and malt vinegar.

Salmon Tartare at Fish Public in San Diego.

If you INSIST on something not-so-fried, try this salmon tartare tarted up with a little apple.

Blistered Shishito Peppers with tuna conserva at Fish Public in San Diego.

Or these poor, blistered shishito peppers with house-made tuna conserva and basil.

Bottled cocktails at Fish Public in San Diego.

Bartender Dustin DeWinter is bottling his own oddly Summer-friendly cocktails. The Holy Pina is tequila with jalapeno-infused pineapple juice and a smoked salt rim, and the Cape Codder Redux is vodka, Lillet rose, and cranberry lime shrub.

Samurai Vaquero with tequila and sake at Fish Public in San Diego.

If you'd rather just skip to the glass, this Samurai Vaquero is a spicy Latin- and Asian-influenced 'tail with tequila, fresno chili & agave with a sake float.

interior of Fish Public san diego

The interior pairs nicely with the menu, channeling nautical, East Coast vibes that makes you feel like you just stepped off the beach in Cape Cod, after which it wouldn't be uncommon for you to be fried.