You've Been Waiting Your Whole Life to Face San Diego's the Kraken Burger


Bar owner Ingrid Alvarez and her husband Yuseff Cherney built The High Dive's reputation on its impressive craft beer selection. One Bloody Mary-fueled brainstorming session during brunch resulted in something else regulars could come for: the Kraken, one of San Diego's best burgers. In a world full of sushi burritos, ramen burgers, and the Cronut®, combining two great foods to create an indulgently creative better food has become an art form. But these culinary hybrids don’t even come close to The High Dive’s now-famous dish, a gargantuan burger with two PB&Js holding it together.

If you dare to attempt the Kraken, come with an empty stomach. Starting with a 1lb Angus patty, the burger gains height and flavor with a mound of caramelized onions, four to five slices of bacon, and a heaping amount of Gorgonzola cheese. Two PB&J sandwiches hold the mess together... but these aren’t the sandwiches your mom tucked into your lunch in third grade. The creamy peanut butter is mixed with Sriracha, and the strawberry jam is slathered on so thick it seeps onto your hands when you take your first bite. All the savory, salty, and sweet flavors combine in a surprisingly delicious way.

To find out more about the Kraken without needing at least 17 napkins to cover up the mess, check out the video above.

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Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who tries to incorporate peanut butter into most meals. Follow her on Instagram.