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The Surfin' California Burrito at Lucha Libre Has a Serious Secret Ingredient

The flamboyance and boldness of San Diego’s Lucha Libre doesn’t stop at its bright pink walls, gold booths, and wrestling memorabilia. Every taco, burrito, and quesadilla is a power move thanks to the family-run restaurant's house-made salsas, super-secret sauces, and massive portions. But what keeps hungry surfers, day drinkers, and beachgoers coming back to this local favorite is the French fry-filled Surfin’ California Burrito, a burrito so big you’ll need to wait at least a few hours before heading back into the ocean.

A sturdy 14in tortilla holds this behemoth of a burrito together. It’s filled with flame-grilled carne asada, lime-marinated shrimp, and a layer of cheese that melts as soon as it hits the hot beef. On top of that is the burrito's star move: house-made French fries with the right amount of salt to cut through that fat, and bits of crispiness to contrast the piles of creamy avocado that get loaded on top. Pico de gallo and a secret chipotle sauce are the finishing touches before the mess is rolled up. You’ll definitely need to loosen your belt buckle a few notches after finishing this one, or you can trade in your restricting jeans for some Mexican wrestling-style shiny leggings. We know they’re encouraged here.

To find out what you’re really up against when you take on the Surfin’ California Burrito, check out the video above.

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Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who is really considering adding French fries to every burrito she consumes from here out. Follow her on Instagram.