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Dreamy decadence in North Park

After finding North Park lacking in the dinner-ruining department, the two pals behind the new Swoon Dessert Bar (one of them the former pastry chef at Wine Vault & Bistro) decided to change all that by specializing in an ever-changing menu of seasonal desserts, artfully prepared in the Dikembe Mutombo of restaurants, in that all the work is done in yo' face

The clean, minimalist interior is interspersed with a few two-tops (and a bunch of water glasses!), but the real draw is a front-row seat at their dessert bar..

... where you can watch Chef Ian Smith get all technical on his tapas-style dessert masterpieces.

Like this Picasso-esque ode to the ever-impending Summer made with compressed strawberries, lemon sponge cake, strawberry lemonade gelee, lemon salt, and lemon crème fraiche, but no Liz

This housemade orange rosemary sorbet lies on bed of crumbled rosemary shortcake and a local cara cara navel orange confit (a hybrid of an orange and pink grapefruit... science!), topped with micro Dijon and crunchy white chocolate caviar

To fortify you for the next round of sweetness, the chef's also working up savory pastries like this Salmon Eclaire with dill pollen-infused pate choux filled with house-smoked whipped salmon (swimming all the way upstream just to spawn?! Lame!), then smothered in dill mascarpone, butter-fried powdered capers, pickled red onions, and dehydrated lemon slices.

This play on a pastrami sandwich involves gougères (a French cheese puff) made with Gruyère/ caraway topped with caramelized onions and pastrami, all on a bed of whole-grain mustard, also the Colonel's weapon of choice in the bedroom

If you'd rather just spoil your supper with copious amounts of caffeine, they'll gladly pour-over a cup o' joe for you..

... or brew it up in one of four other, not-extraneous-at-all methods like this super science-y looking Siphon Brewer.