Custom waffle ice cream sandwiches by the beach

Waffle and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwich at The Baked Bear in San Diego.

A baked bear is not how Smokey copes with the stress of preventing forest fires; it's a made-to-order ice cream sandwich shop in Pacific Beach where you can design your own dessert combo like, for example, this mint chocolate chip nestled between warm, fresh-made waffles, making it perfectly acceptable breakfast food.The shop is set up a block from the beach, offering late-night snacks at their walk-up window Thurs-Sat until 2a. For the impatient, they'll have pre-made sandwiches available, which'll also appear on a mobile ice cream cart that'll be roaming the boardwalk serving ice cream sandwiches to the masses. Suck it, Park Place! Of course, you aren't limited to waffles, which oddly enough may cause waffling. You can also go with brownies, or mix and match any two of the eight original recipe cookies they bake up daily to fill with a big hefty scoop of ice cream -- 21 different flavors, because everyone knows Baskin Robbins is overdoing it. Want to be fatter? Have it sundae-style with whipped cream and fudge.This creation has strawberry cheesecake smushed between a red velvet and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Hate solid foods? They'll blend that thing up into a milkshake, which may or may not bring all the boys to their yard but is certain to attract a bloodshot-eyed Smokey.

The Baked Bear in Pacific Beach San Diego.
Choose from cookies, waffles or brownies to make your custom ice cream sandwich  at The Baked Bear in San Diego.
Custom sandwich made with Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chip cookies with Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream  at The Baked Bear in San Diego.