San Diego, the Best Day of Your Life is almost here

June 21st may sound like any other day, but it isn't. Thanks to Thrillist, it's going to be the Best Day of Your Life

Here's how it's going to happen. Once you've concocted an elaborate scheme to get out of work for the longest day of the year, you'll download this itinerary to guide you to everything from hookups on beer flights at SD Brew Project to gratis coffee at Dark Horse, all the while following all the #BDOYL social action here

Sunrise, 630a: Good morning! Pop out of bed and ignore that snooze like it's a telemarketer, because this is going to be the Best Day of Your Life! First thing's first: Grab your board and shimmy into your wetsuit -- its time for a morning surf sesh. Don't have any gear? Just rent some and stand on the beach looking badass. Rush hour: After you wash the sand out of your crack (very important!), head over to Dark Horse for the best cup of coffee you’ll ever drink, but if you’re looking for something a little stronger to kick start your day, get an espresso at Lestat, which is right up the street. Breakfast: Now that you’ve got a little pep in your step, its time to have the most important meal of the day at The Mission. Get the protein packed Power Plato Breakfast, or, if you woke up with a sweet tooth, Cardamom Café and Bakery is close by with freshly made cinnamon rolls and plenty of other tools of fatness. If you want to trek a little further West, indulge yourself at our Readers’ Choice, Hash House A Go Go. Mid-morning museum: Hit up the nation’s largest sports museum, the Hall of Champions in Balboa Park, and don’t miss the 40 exhibits of local athletes who are way better at sports than you. Beer-thirty: It's time to start drinking. Who cares if it’s before noon?! This is the BDOYL, and you’re joining us for a beer tasting at SD Brew Project! Lunchtime: Get the Jalapeno Jack Grilled Cheese at Waterfront to soak up all that local beer you just sampled. If the patio is too packed, head down the street and try Craft and Commerce. Don’t forget to take a couple dramamine with your lunch, because you’re going to need it for what's next. Get taken for a ride: Head to the marina and bring your camera, because you’re going for a high-speed tour of the bay on an Adventure R.I.B. Ride! These rigid inflatable boats haul ass around the bay and then out to sea to get up close and personal with dolphins (Dan Marino not included) and whales (Pat Verbeek also not included). Ask for Brock. The Happiest of Hours: Head to Gaslamp, where just about every hour is happy hour at Taste and Thirst, with food and drink specials happening constantly. Do some group shots with their party bomber. Or, if you somehow got lost and ended up all the way in Pacific Beach, console yourself at our Readers’ Choice, Dirty Birds

Won’t you be my neighbor?: A few calming shots later, walk over to Neighborhood for dinner. They have something on the menu called the Local Animal; let's hope it’s not a creepy cardigan wearing old man who plays with dolls (note: it isn't). But if you're still leery, head to Saltbox to chill in the lounge downstairs, or head up to the rooftop pool to catch some live music with your dinner. 8p: The sun is setting on the Best Day of Your Life, so put the exclamation point on it with drinks by the rooftop pool at LOUNGEsix as you take in the glow of the firepit. That euphoria you're feeling is not just your imagination.