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Stuffed burgers in Golden Hill

From the dude behind the Go Lounge, Sherman's Shack's a purposefully eclectic Grant Hill haunt serving up the owners' idea of classic SoCal food, which, lucky for you, consists of gluttonously stuffed burgers and fusion tacos. Created as a vegetarian alternative to carne asada fries (there's also a vegan taco for the meat-shy) the SOTA Fries are actual fries covered in onions, tomato, avo, and a spicy chipotle sour cream. Weighing in just under a half pound, all of their patties are stuffed, like this orange sweet & sour sauce-doused “Surf and Turf”, pumped full of garlic shrimp cream cheese. Let “El Diablo” lord over the underworld that is your intestines with a jalapeno-/ spiced Monterrey jack-/ bacon-stuffed patty topped with a fiery habanero ranch.Also the kind that can't make it across the street without a jaywalking ticket, the Drunk Chicken in this taco is cooked in whiskey and OJ for, like, ever.