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Louboutin-wielding chicks and the Mission's restaurant explosion

Published On 12/24/2012 Published On 12/24/2012

Nobody likes surprises, especially when they involve some chick being Jesus' great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandaughter Tom Hanks. In the restaurant world, though, surprises can be pretty good, so here are this year's craziest, according to a bunch of Thrillist SF's favorite mostly-dudes

Brock Keeling, Editor, SFist: How the Mission continued its descent into a lo-fi abomination of restaurants, affect, and Edison bulbs. Enough already.

Defne Altan, Owner, Made PR: Bar Bambino is closing. Tear.

Michael Mauschbaugh, Chef/Proprietor, Sous Beurre Kitchen: Plaj, I'm very excited to see a new Scandinavian restaurant. My grandparents are first generation Swedes so this brings me back to my childhood and living in Minneapolis.

Lisa Nourse, Owner, Lisa Nourse PR: Maybe more of a "bitch" than a surprise, but I can't believe that Top Chef contestants can still leverage their status. I think there should be a moratorium on the number of years you can utilize the so-called title. Maybe three years, tops

Robin Song, Executive Chef, Hog & Rocks: The closure of Drakes Bay was a huge shocker. I'm glad that they wish to preserve the land, but I'm curious to see how it affects the California oyster market

Jay Barmann, Editor, San Francisco Grubstreet: That that Louboutin-wielding Marina chick hasn't been locked up yet. And that I did a juice cleanse and liked it

Ryan Ostler, Chef, Hi Lo BBQ (coming soon): I'd say the sheer number of restaurants that have opened across SF ... We have the highest per capita number of restaurants in the US. More than twice that of NY. It's a great city to be a diner.



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