Lolinda's steak and Jamber's meatloaf are both things you need to try in 2013

San Francisco

With so much to look forward to after the Mayan Apocalypse didn’t happen... this time, here's where you should be spending all your time next year, according to a bunch of people who're actually good at making predictions

Joshua Oakley, Chef/Proprietor, Tango & Stache: State Bird, still trying to get in

Lisa Nourse, Owner, Lisa Nourse PR: Must Eat There: State Bird Provisions, Gitane for Bridget Batson and Patrick Kelly's new menu, more dim sum on weekends. Must Drink There: Prizefighter, Honor Bar; I need to do a good East Bay bar crawl. And spend more time drinking sake and eating oysters at the little sake bar, Corkage, in my neighborhood

Sophie Uong, Chef, Picán: Hakkasan, more Happa Ramen, Commis, Haven, Charles Phan's Hard Water, Chris Pasterna's new place, Chop Bar, and Restaurant August

Jay Barmann, Editor, San Francisco Grub Street: That fried sourdough bread with burrata at State Bird Provisions, especially with green garlic in the spring; the smoked potatoes at Bar Tartine; steaks at Lolinda; Bang Bang chicken wings at M.Y. China; meatloaf at Jamber; gamja fries at Namu Gaji; pickled curried eggs at St. Vincent; manti dumplings at Troya Fillmore; the large-format margarita with chartreuse at West of Pecos; gin and tonic variations at S&P Brasserie; any dessert from b. patisserie

Anna Roth, Food Editor and Restaurant Critic, SF Weekly: Kronnerburger (both the pop-up now at Bruno's and Chris Kronner's eventual brick-and-mortar), Liholiho Yacht Club or whatever new pop-up Ravi Kapur is doing, the new Alchemist cocktail bar from Kinson Lau, the new Ichi Sushi expansion, Brenda's po'boy place if it ever opens

Michael Mauschbaugh, Chef/Proprietor, Sous Beurre Kitchen: I am constantly working, especially with trying to open a restaurant in SF, so I still need to make it into Frances. I know it sounds bad but it has finally gotten to the top of my need-to-eat-at list

Brock Keeling, Editor, SFist: My must-drink list invokes a bar, a good bar, that offers a decent and extended happy hour. The happy hour seems to be dying or getting pricier. No place is too good for a cheap happy hour, mixologists

Defne Altan, Owner, Made PR: Trick Dog (any cocktail the Bon Vivants put out), Sous Beurre Kitchen (chicken liver pate), Central Kitchen (brunch), Benu (tasting menu), ICHI Sushi (Omakase), and Bar Tartine (potato flatbread)

Carlo Espinas, Chef, Comstock Saloon: Honestly, this confounds me because I barely know what I want for lunch, let alone in 2013. But if I had to pick something from 2012 that I would want all the time it's Shanghai dumplings and sour beer -- inspired by my favorite pairing from Benu

Staffan Terje, Co-Owner/Chef, Perbacco and barbacco A bunch of places in SF that I haven't made it to: Nopa (for brunch or Laurence will stop talking to me), Nojo, Rich Table, Outerlands, Bar Tartine (been there, but Nick's food is damned good), Duende, in Oakland (Paul Canales is a great chef and I can't wait to see what he is going to do), and Ravi Kapur -- he needs his own spot. His pop-ups have been great

Ray Tang, Chef, Presidio Social Club: Classics always: La Ciccia, Ippuku, and Swans Oyster Depot. New Chinese: Hakkasan, My China, Mayflower replacement. Drink: More kegged wines.

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