Delicious burgers and nacho fries

Because you know the second version of things is always better (see: Victoria Beckham's second boob job), head to V2 Burger: A new Visitacion Valley patty joint that'll make looking up where Visitacion Valley is totally worth it. The menu's Super Duper-esque, with three two-pattied burger options (beef, chicken, and homemade veggie w/ lentil, rice, quinoa, beans, seasonal veggies), plus addable bacon, cheese, mushrooms, fried egg, and avocado, assuming you want to guac on the wild side.They also have three different types of non-African fries (classic, garlic, sweet potato)… …and one type of African Fries (wait, that's a thing?), which're covered in melted cheese, grilled onions, ketchup, and Tapatio-esque Berbere mayo -- probably not something you want to order if you want everyone calling you Posh.