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Hayes Valley adds 108 bread pudding flavors (and whiskey sauce)

Because 31 flavors has always felt about 77 too few, you're gonna want to stop by Schulzies: an LA-born bread pudding parlor now serving 108 different types of sweet bready goodness in a historical Hayes Valley haunt

Started by a woman who could easily sub in for a Disney princess, Schulzies rotates an assortment of its 108 offerings daily via 12 chilled flavors, three warm flavors, and a smorgasbord of singing cutlery (okay, maybe not that last one)

The names're all fun like Salted Caramel Sutra or Colin Raspernick ('9ers, wooooo!

And they're super generous with the toppings, which're all included, even the "whiskey sauce"

Speaking of whiskey, they've got a bunch of booze-filled flavors like Blazin' Rum Raisin, Gotta Have Guinness, and Neato Mojito, all of which you can get to-go and finish 'em while Baskin' in the sun.