One of SF's best restaurants moves a block away from AT&T Park

Because you're getting your early tax return soon and thought, "Ehh, financial security, schminancial shmeshmurity", you're gonna want to grab a reservation at the new digs of SF's quintessential fine-dining establishment: Saison

For the first time ever, Saison comes fully equipped with a liquor license and cocktail program, served from this six-seat bar which comes with blankets on every seat, likely to head off the inevitable complaint of your date being cold in her paper-thin strapless mini dress (go you!!)

You can expect drinks (served in hand-etched glass from Japan) like the No. 3 with Nikka whiskey, Cynar, Pedro Ximenez, coffee, orange, and Boston Bittahs, because even super-classy places love making fun of Boston accents

Their meat is all dry-aged in-house, ensuring their meat will beat yours. Wait..

The seafood is so fresh, they've got it in tanks in the dining-room-connected kitchen

Yep, possibly the most expensive restaurant in SF has a quote from Star Wars on the wall

The kitchen comes fully equipped with a wood-burning hearth that you are definitely, probably not welcome to try roasting marshmallows on. Maybe

Oh, and there's a very exclusive seating area that features custom-made, rolling wait stations, which you can use to divide the tables from other parties, especially Libertarians.