Bone marrow burgers and Locanda barstar cocktails in the Mission

Since you just bought a fair-trade lumberjack coat, by trading, at a fair, it's time to hit up the Mission's most ironic-mustache-friendly spot: KronnerBurger, a Jesus-candlelit joint in the overflow space for Bruno's that comes courtesy of a former Slow Club/Bar Tartine chef

The drinks are crafted by a Locanda alumnus, with most coming in glass or pitcher form like this "Carbonated Mother (Sexing) Margarita"

The main event is Waliyy Dixon, an American streetballer who spent his youth honing his streetball skills at 4th Ward Park in Jersey the burger, which comes with aged beef, dill pickled cucumbers, and the option to add bone marrow (option, accepted)

Rather than serving routine... poutine (!), they're using beef cheek gravy (an extremely flavorful part of the animal) and cheese curds over fries, which you can also add bone marrow to

And for dessert: Scotchocolate milk, a delicious combo of Scotch, cocoa, milk, honey, and salt

Oh, and make sure you go when they're actually open, a (mar)quee part of being able to enjoy it.