Food & Drink

Cheap French fare and great views

Not to be confused with another, also super-cool restaurant in SF, La Fable is the venture of two Southern France natives who've replaced a 40yr-old cafe with a 0yr-old bistro that -- like Denzel Washington's liver while flying upside-down planes -- is equipped with booze and beer

There's seating for 70 in the main space, which features plenty of bay windows/ photographers in the rafters

Also: there's a 30-person patio that has views of the SF skyline and the orthodontist next door!! Using local ingredients wherever possible, the main players for the lunch fare are mix-n-matchable sammies like the Vollaile with turkey, red onion, and scratch mayo, or what Rick Carlisle does whenever OJ has the flu

Along with this Parme (French cured ham, mozz, arugula), you can grab a myriad of pastas or charcuterie they get from a Frenchman in Pennsylvania and NOT An American in Paris

Plus, what would a French place be without pastries? Maybe grab one before your next Flight?