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A waffle to end all waffles: The Maple-Bacon-Egg

Waffle at Suite Foods

Go to Bernal Heights. Are you there now? Great. Are you lying? Thought so. Alright, well, either way, once you're there, you're going to want to go here: Suite Foods, an honest-to-God waffle shop now doing sweet and savory versions of the liege that'll blow your mind. What's a liege waffle, you ask (so helpfully to this narrative)?

Pearl sugar at Suite Foods

The liege waffle dough is made with pearl sugar that caramelizes while in the cast iron waffle... iron.

Waffle dough at Suite Foods

Liege waffles, unlike non-lieges, are actually made from a yeast-risen dough rather than the liquid batter you usually see, allowing the flavors to permeate more (like in this savory maple and bacon waffle shown here).

LASERS at Suite Foods

The heat of the iron is super important, so they measure it WITH LASERS.

Spooning at Suite Foods

Once the waffs're in there, they use a spoon to wedge open the iron a bit and allow more air into the waffles as they cook. That makes 'em extra puffy, which becomes important when you slit them open and fill them with...

Poached egg waffle at Suite Foods

... things like Frozen Kuhsterd (in vanilla bean or Four Barrel Coffee flavor) or this poached egg, awesomely slid inside of the savory maple bacon.

TCHO prep at Suite Foods

And if you're thirsty, they have TCHO drinking chocolate...

Drinking chocolate at Suite Foods

... that they garnish with a waffle bit. What kind of waffle bit, you ask (so helpfully to the link below)?