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These are the 8 best wings in SF

Delicious Buffalo wings

Pretty much everyone can agree that wings are one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, especially when you consider how well they go with His (or Her!) other gifts (fire, beer). Now, helping you figure out which of these greatest gifts is the greatest-est: this roundup of the best eight wings in the Bay.

Wing Wings wings

Wing Wings
Lower Haight
Still the reigning champion, this Lower Haight go-to has a million (okay, like seven) flavors that you have to try, like Wing Wing, Honey Mustard, and Angry Korean, which will accurately describe your emotional state if anyone tries to take a wing from you.

Kezar Pub wings

Kezar Pub
Cole Valley
This famous sports pub advertises their "World Famous Wings" with good reason, because these things are seriously delicious and, unlike most girls you hit on, you can even get them "Naked"!

Hi Tops wings

Hi Tops
The Castro
This sports bar in the land of bros who like bros packs a killer menu consulted on by a Top Cheftestant, which means you can get yourself some Top Chef-grade wings here.

Lightning Tavern wings
Lightning Tavern's Facebook Page

Lightning Tavern
Cow Hollow
How can you resist the allure of 25-cent wing Wednesdays where the wings come alongside one of our very own Local Ladies We Love?

Ssisso wings

Hidden in Japantown, this two-floor restaurant and bar has three giant projection screens you can watch sports on while downing their incredible soy-garlic-glazed wings.

Double Decker wings
Wilhelm Y. on Yelp

Double Decker
Hayes Valley
This spot you've probably walked past just off the main Hayes drag actually has some of the city's best Buffalo wings, which come in mild, hot, or inferno, and you can get them in freaking bucket size. Bucket!!

Memphis Minnie's wings

Memphis Minnie's
Lower Haight
Though you might not expect wings from a BBQ spot, MM's Smokey Mountain Wings are, much like you at Outside Lands, both smoked and fried before they're smothered in tangy BBQ sauce.

The Bureau 510 wings

The Bureau 510
East Bay
This comfort food spot's tangy Asian BBQ sauce-accompanied spiced wings are good enough that you'll actually want to consider taking (gasp!) BART to get to them.