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5 new boozy San Francisco brunches

Rebecca Feder

San Francisco Because we knew those 58 boozy SF brunches were only gonna hold you over for so long, we went and tracked down five totally brand-new ones to add to the list. There's something for everyone (as long as everyone likes drinking before noon).

Fable (The Castro): Brunch is already the best meal of the week, but it gets so much better when it's done al fresco (that’s fancy for “outside”). Fable’s back patio is finally open, and it’s everything you hoped it would be and more (trust). Skip past the melon salad and get the Southern-style fried chicken sandwich instead. And yeah, you should probably go ahead and add an egg for two bucks. Continue Reading

Rock Bar (Bernal Heights): Rock Bar solves your brunching/NFL-watching dilemma with 1) new 10am Sunday hours, and 2) brunch delivery from their sister restaurant, The Front Porch (which you order from an old phone at the bar). With options like The Stoner Stack (fried chicken, bacon, cheddar, and sausage gravy on a biscuit), you really can’t go wrong (unless your team loses, but that’s nothing their extensive cocktail list won’t solve).

Bar Agricole (SOMA): Anyone can brunch on Sundays, but only those truly dedicated to the cause also partake on Saturdays. Bar Agricole is recognizing those of you who fully embrace the brunching lifestyle, and is now open on Saturdays from 11am-2pm. Ask for a table on the patio and try the poached eggs with pork belly.

The Square (North Beach): Though some might argue that waiting in line for brunch is part of the experience, sometimes you’ve just gotta get good food (and a drink) in you fast. The Square is big enough that there shouldn’t be a long line ahead of you, and their menu is divided into smaller and bigger options depending on your appetite (so... bigger). Rough night? Order “a shot of Fernet and can of Hamm’s American Lager” for $6, and get your Sunday Funday started right.

Palm House (Cow Hollow): Brunch -- it's an excuse to start drinking as early as possible, while also getting that base layer in your stomach. The Palm House has you covered on all fronts. The island-inspired brunch menu will definitely satisfy (mmm... Brazilian tri-tip steak hash w/ two poached eggs...), but what you’re really there for is the punch bowl. Which comes garnished with a rubber ducky.