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The 9 Best Pie Shops in San Francisco

Just in time for Pi Day.

Three Babes Bakeshop apple pie
Apple pie | Courtesy of Three Babes Bakeshop
Apple pie | Courtesy of Three Babes Bakeshop

If humans were ever forced to choose between pie and cake, there’s no doubt that pie would be the winner. Cake could just never be what pie is. It’s a one-note song while pie is a symphony. Pie can be sweet. It can be savory. It can have flaky crusts or crumbly crusts or crusts that are a vehicle for copious amounts of butter. It can contain fruit or chocolate or chicken or nuts. It’s full of comfort and tradition and nostalgia and love. It can be topped with whipped cream or ice cream or sugar or meringue. It’s messy and delicious and good for all three meals.

That is why you should celebrate pie every day and not just on holidays like Pi Day—technically a celebration of the mathematical constant pi (3.14159 and so on), but for us, just another excuse to get a deal on our favorite slices. To facilitate that celebration, we’ve put together this list of our favorite spots in SF that make the best pies. And it should be noted: whoever started the idiom “as easy as pie” clearly never actually tried to make one. Between making the perfect crust from scratch, getting all of the flavors just right for the filling, lattice tops, and all of the rest of it, well, we bet that person would be eating humble pie if they actually gave it a go. 

Bi-Rite Creamery Chocolate Bourbon Pie
Chocolate Bourbon Pie | Courtesy of Bi-Rite Creamery

Bi-Rite Creamery

Mission, NoPa
Bi-Rite Creamery is best known for its ice cream that people line up on the sidewalk for even when it’s cold and foggy. But the founders were pastry chefs before they started chilling and churning, so it only makes sense that they branched back out into pie. During the holidays there are more pie flavors to choose from, but usually, you can always get a classic apple pie with a crumb topping as well as their signature chocolate bourbon mousse pie made with a bourbon-infused chocolate mousse and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Both pies are six inches, so you can basically eat one by yourself. Can’t pick between ice cream and pie? The creamery has a couple of ice cream pies as well. 
How to order: Buy in person at any of the Bi-Rite Markets (availability not guaranteed). You can also order ahead for pick-up delivery from the Mission and Divisadero locations on the Bi-Rite website or via Instacart. Ice cream cakes are available for pick-up or delivery. Order here.

Black Jet Baking Co. Banana Cream Pie
Banana Cream Pie | Courtesy of Black Jet Baking Co.

Black Jet Baking Co.

Bernal Heights
If you really want a taste of nostalgia, order a pie from Black Jet Baking Co. There are tons of flavors—banana cream, apple, apple crumb, coconut cream, pecan, chocolate cream, and dark chocolate pecan pie—all with a crust that is perfectly flaky. If you prefer a savory pie, Black Jet also makes a chicken pot pie that will take you right back to childhood. 
How to order: For sweet pies, you can order ahead for pick-up (Tuesday–Sunday) at the storefront here. If you’re in the mood for savory pies on a weekday or Sunday, pre-order here. Availability for pre-order times for savory items vary, but try to plan a week ahead. Pre-orders for Saturday pickup (excluding sweet pies) are here. You can also order delivery via Good Eggs.

Blue Plate Chocolate chess pie
Chocolate chess pie | Courtesy of Blue Plate

Blue Plate

Outer Mission
If you aren’t a fan of Key lime pie then keep moving because that’s the only kind of pie you’ll find at this upscale comfort food mainstay. It’s a classic take on the official Florida state pie with a graham cracker crust and a filling that is both tart and sweet with lime zest and topped with fluffy whipped cream. Order a slice or the whole pie.
How to order: Enjoy your pie in Blue Plate’s garden (reservations here), order for pickup here, and order for delivery on Grubhub.

Butter Love Bakeshop
Courtesy of Butter Love Bakeshop

Butter Love Bakeshop

Outer Richmond
Pot pie, breakfast pie, cottage pie, shepherd’s pie, hand-held pie, pudding pie, and all of the classic dessert pies—if you’re an equal opportunist when it comes to pie, you’ll be in heaven at Butter Love Bakeshop. The (not really a) secret is in the incredibly buttery crust—a recipe that was handed down to the owner (a native San Franciscan it’s worth pointing out) by her mother, and may or may not (definitely the former) have inspired the shop’s name. 
How to order: Shop for pies in-person at the bakery or place an order with three days notice here.

Peasant Pies Cafe & Catering
Courtesy of Peasant Pies Cafe & Catering

Peasant Pies

Various locations
What sounds better than pie for breakfast, pie for dinner, and pie for dessert? Not much, which is why you can’t beat Peasant Pies for when all you want is pie, pie, and more pie. All of the savory pies (and there are a lot, including eggs, sausage, and potato; clam and spicy tomato sauce; garbanzo bean curry; and classic chicken just to name a few) are meant to be eaten with your hands, and the individual dessert pies for one are small enough that no one will blame you if you skip a fork for those as well. Large, sweet and savory pies are also available, but they require notice. And if you just get the small pies, you don’t have to share.
How to order: Look for Peasant Pies in Whole Foods Markets and Rainbow Grocery. Order online for pick-up or delivery here

Revenge Pies

Macondray on Russian Hill and Casement’s in the Mission
Revenge Pies was literally born from a pie baked for revenge, and it turns out that cooking with a little spite works just as well as that whole cooking with love thing everyone’s always going on about. The owner had it rough this past year. The pandemic killed a ton of business and then her commercial kitchen burned down. This has led to a somewhat sporadic pie-acquiring situation, but they’re still out there in the wild occasionally and, once in a while, can be ordered for delivery. Look, if pi gets to be irrational, why can’t Revenge Pie be a little kooky as well?
How to order: Unclear. You can contact Revenge Pies here. Otherwise follow on Instagram for the latest updates.


Inner Sunset, Mission, delivery
Tartine is one of the best bakeries in California, if not the country. Its bread is why any sane person will never swear off carbs. Its morning bun is perfection, you will not find a better one anywhere. And when it comes to pie, the bakery/restaurant also pulls out a huge win. The kind of pie you might find will depend on if you’re going to Tartine Manufactory, Tartine Bakery, or Tartine in the Inner Sunset. And maybe you’re more likely to find a tart, which isn’t technically a pie, but in this instance, close enough. Apple hand pie, banana cream tart, coconut cream tart, lemon cream tart, hazelnut tart...all perfection. (Tartine has quiche also, but we’re already pushing it with the whole tart thing, so we won’t go there. For now.)
How to order: Place an order in-person at all locations, or order delivery or pick-up from Tartine Bakery here, Tartine Manufactory here, and the Inner Sunset location here. You can also order for delivery or pick-up from the Inner Sunset location and the bakery on Caviar.

Three Babes Bakeshop blueberry pie
Blueberry pie | Courtesy of Three Babes Bakeshop

Three Babes Bakeshop

Bayview and the Ferry Building on Saturdays
A WOC-owned bakery with organic pies made from local ingredients may seem like pie in the sky, but the owners of Three Babes Bakeshop made it a reality and are now one of San Francisco’s most beloved pie producers. The dark golden crust is buttery, flaky, and serves as the perfect base for all of the pies, including apple, bourbon pecan, blackberry crumble, and the always popular honey-walnut. Order it to pick up at the Bayview location, have it delivered, or stop by the Ferry Building farmers market on Saturday morning.
How to order: Order here for pick-up and delivery. Delivery is also available via Good Eggs.

Yvonne’s Southern Sweets sweet potato pies
Sweet potato pies | Courtesy of Yvonne’s Southern Sweets

Yvonne’s Southern Sweets

Yvonne Hines may be a San Francisco native, but based on the sweets and treats you’ll find at her shop, you’d think she was raised in the South. Her pecan pralines are the best you’ll find in NorCal, and the buttery 7-Up pound cake is out of this world, but we’re here to tell you about pie, and so we will. The menu switches up, but you’ll usually have a choice of pecan and sweet potato, and sometimes lemon. Don’t try to decide without all of the information. Get a slice of ‘em all and then take home an entire pie of your favorite.
How to order: Order and pick-up in person on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10am to 3pm.

Daisy Barringer is an SF-based writer who loves a fruit pie more than any other dessert in the whole entire world. Tell her where she should get her next slice on Twitter @daisy.

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