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The Ultimate 2015 SF Brunch Guide

Published On 12/26/2014 Published On 12/26/2014

Simply put: brunching is The Best. It's breakfast, but at lunch time, and if you're doing it right, there's almost always (always?) booze involved. It really is the perfect (read: only) reason to get out of bed on the weekend. But, we have a sneaking suspicion that you sort of have your favorite brunch spot and that's the one you go to on Sunday. But c'mon, you're better than that -- there's a whole CITY of brunching out there.

Check out our roundup of all of our most favorite brunch spots and then make it your personal mission to hit them all up in 2015. We believe. Do you?


San Francisco's 14 best brunches

SF is great at a lot of things: iconic bridges, unreliable weather, baseball. But if there's one thing SF is really, REALLY great at, it's brunches. And if there's one thing we're really, REALLY great at, it's putting together lists of the best brunches in SF. This list is an excellent place to begin your brunching quest. READ MORE

Joe Starkey/Thrillist

The 9 best Bloody Marys in SF

According to scientists (probably), there're three things guaranteed to make the start of your day better: Bloody Marys, Bloody... Marys, and, uhhhhh, yeah still Bloody Marys. Ensuring you're starting yours with the best ones possible, here's a roundup of the nine best Bloodys in SF. READ MORE

Straw SF

The best brunch in every single SF neighborhood

A guide to the best brunch in every single 'hood (even you, Excelsior!), so you'll never not be eating one of the city's best brunches. READ MORE

Hillside Supper Club

65 boozy brunches in SF

A list of every single important boozy brunch and what the deal is. All 65 of 'em. Come on, you love a challenge. READ MORE


The 7 best breakfast sandwiches in SF

We created this list in honor of National Hangover Day. But it'll come in handy the other 364 days of the year as well. True story! READ MORE

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The 11 best breakfast burritos in SF

If we really wanted to unite all San Franciscans, we’d stop talking about soaring rents, tech buses, gentrification, and politics for five minutes, and instead bond over something we all love. So here are the 11 best breakfast burritos in SF, all of which we thoroughly enjoy even when we don’t feel like dying. READ MORE

Joe Starkey/Thrillist

Crazy brunch thing you have to eat No. 1: donut breakfast sandwich

Leave it to the guys at carnival-themed restaurant Straw to come up with a breakfast sandwich with two donuts for buns. And leave it to us to go try one and tell you all about it. READ MORE


Crazy brunch thing you have to eat No. 2: octopus hot dog

Make the trek to Shakewell in Oakland for a uniquely awesome, brunch-only experience: the Octo-dog. READ MORE

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's former SF Editor and she apparently has a BUNCH of brunching to do. Follow her on Twitter @daisy.



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