The 13 best French fries in SF, and where to score them

Joe Starkey
Joe Starkey

You know how In-N-Out Burger has the best burgers, but McDonald's has the best fries? Well, SF's burger/fries dynamic works kinda the same way; just because you've had the best burgers in SF (or even the best under-the-radar burgers in SF), doesn't mean you've had the best fries in SF. So, where do you go for the 7x7's best potato sticks? Try one of these 13 spots.

3 Potato 4
Joe Starkey

3 Potato 4 (click here for address and info)
This fries-only spot (wait... what?) in the TL air-cooks their fries, ensuring they're light, fluffy, and... healthy (shocked cat emoji). Plus, they've got 12 different sauces to choose from like Curry Ketchup, Wasabi Ginger Mayo, and Big Bang.

Gott's Roadside

Gott's (click here for address and info)
The Embarcadero
Sure, you may have to brave a line out the door at the Ferry Building, but it's pretty worth it when the end result is any of the four types of fries offered at this diner transplant from St. Helena: regular, super-garlicky, sweet potato dusted with chili powder, or the go-for-broke chili cheese fries.


Frjtz (click here for address and info)
The Mission
Not only do they serve Belgian fries (crisp on the outside, soft and steamy on the inside), but they serve 'em with over 25 different sauce options that go from the obvious (bacon mayo, duh) to the more intriguing (strawberry mustard??).

Bun Mee Fries
Instagram/Erik Gomez

Bun Mee (click here for address and info)
Lower Pac Heights
We have a weakness for these Idaho potato fries, partially because we're maybe slightly allergic (?), but also because they're tossed with sautéed red onions, garlic, and jalapeños, and topped with salt 'n pepper.

Park Tavern Fries
Park Tavern

Park Tavern (click here for address and info)
North Beach
Sure, they may cost as much as a meal, but it's worth it when you get perfectly cooked fries topped with shaved black truffle and -- in place of ketchup -- a soft boiled egg with a bit of caviar to use as your dipping sauce.

Joe Starkey

SliderBar (click here for address and info)
Though their burgers are miniaturized, their family-sized fries certainly aren't. And though you can get the truffle fries, the regulars are just as delicious, because you can pair them with three of 12 sauces (our recs: Parmesan-peppercorn-ranch, honey mustard, and Sriracha mayo).

Mikkeller Bar Fries
Joe Starkey

Mikkeller Bar (click here for address and info)
These Belgian frites are perfectly double-fried for perfect crispness on the outside, and a warm, soft center on the inside. Plus, they're served with malt vinegar mayo. Mmmmm.

Gamja Fries
Namu Gaji

Namu Gaji (click here for address and info)
The Mission
These used-to-be-off-menu-but're-now-on-the-lunch-menu-because-they're-so-amazing hand-cut organic potato fries are covered in kimchee relish, gochujang, Kewpie mayo, teriyaki, green onion, and bulgogi beef.

Kevin Alexander

Nopa (click here for address and info)
Alamo Square
Fried in fat to give them an unbeatable crispness, the fries are worth ordering if only for the dipping sauce that comes with them (the options actually rotate pretty frequently, but are always worth it).

Bluestem Brasserie
Bluestem Brasserie

Bluestem Brasserie (click here for address and info)
The Kennebec truffle fries are everything you love about truffle fries, minus the too-overwhelming flavor. Oh, and the fact that they come alongside an amazing burger doesn't hurt...

Split Bread
Split Bread

Split Bread (click here for address and info)
Come for the sandwiches, stay for the fries they serve with a bacon dipping sauce. Bacon. Dipping. Sauce.

Jamber Poutine
Joe Starkey

Jamber (click here for address and info)
The Quebecois are basically fries on gravy steroids, and by "basically" we mean they're exactly that: house-cut French-es with cheese curds and everyone's favorite meat juice sauce.

Sexy Fries
Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now (click here for address and info)
The Mission
Proving that they're the best at doing what you wouldn't expect from an Indian restaurant, Curry Up Now does "Sexy Fries": criss-cut sweet potatoes they dress with cheese and onions, and you dress with everything from pork belly, to beef, to paneer. Sexy, indeed.

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