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San Francisco's 11 best under-the-radar pizza places

Published On 11/14/2014 Published On 11/14/2014
The Pizza Place on Noriega
Palio d'Asti
Nizario’s Pizza
Long Bridge Pizza Company
Kezar pizzetta
Pizza Inferno
Goat Hill Pizza
The Sausage Factory
Escape From New York Pizza
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1. Beretta 1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (The Mission)

Since its opening in 2008, Beretta has been a fixture of the Mission Italian food scene, churning out awesome pizzas (we see you prosciutto di parma, tomato, arugula, and mozzarella), creative antipasti (don’t miss the walnut bread with burrata and mushroom-truffle honey), osso buco risotto, and more. Come here with a group so you can order an array of dishes to share, and wash it all down with a digestif. Oh, and if the pie-cravings hit you in the AM, you can get that pizza topped with a fried egg and sip on Aperol Spritzes at an outdoor table.

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2. The Pizza Place on Noriega 3901 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122 (Outer Sunset)

Hungry folks flock to this super-low-key Outer Sunset pizza place, where you can order entire pies, or just a (few) slice(s). And while you're at it, get an order of Buffalo wings and a pitcher of beer to share.

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3. Palio D'Asti 640 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111 (Financial District)

This Italian restaurant on the border of Chinatown and the Financial District is famous for its happy hour, where purchasing two alcoholic beverages gets you a quite enjoyable pizza for just $3. Beyond the bargains you'll find a menu deep with updated, seasonal takes on Italian classics, like mint and pea ravioli with braised ramps and lardo. and a thoughtful, heavily Italian wine list.

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4. Mozzeria 3228 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (Mission Bay)

All of the pizzas at this Mission spot are cooked in a 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven. Offering all of the Italian classics (margherita, marina, quattro formaggi), as well as some Asian-leaning pies (Peking duck, for example), Mozzeria's got any and all of your pizza cravings covered. It's run by a deaf couple, which makes it the first deaf-owned restaurant to get pie certification from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). If you don't know sign language, you just place your order using pen and paper.

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5. Long Bridge Pizza Co. 2347 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107 (Dogpatch)

Pizza's nothing without a really good crust and an excellent sauce. Long Bridge Pizza Company has both of those-- maybe because ALL they do is pizza. Seriously. No wings, no sandwiches, not even a salad. Just good pizza. Oh, and no slices, but whatever. You wanted to eat an entire pie anyway.

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6. Kezar Pizzetta 775 Frederick St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Inner Sunset)

Right across from Kezar Stadium -- the original home of the San Francisco 49ers -- is a small neighborhood pizza spot (called Kezar Pizzetta) that makes really good thin-crust pies. They're actually so thin that you'll either want to order two, or take advantage of their appetizer menu. The broccolini is definitely worth ordering.

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7. Pizza Inferno 1800 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115 (Fillmore)

Pizza Inferno has 24 beers on tap, sports on the TVs, and has good pizza as well. There are tons of options, ranging from The Mimosa (corn, ricotta, Parmigiano, basil, mozzarella) to the Inferno Special (ground beef, basil, mozzarella, tomato sauce).

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8. Goat Hill Pizza 300 Connecticut St, San Francisco, CA 94107 (Potrero Hill)

Sourdough crust, yo. Since 1975. You want to go on Monday because that's "Neighborhood Night" -- aka all-you-can-eat pizza night. For $12.95 you can go to town on pizza and salad from 4-10pm. Even better? This isn't some crappy buffet where the pizza is stale and cold. Servers bring the latest pies out of the oven to walk around the restaurant, so you can grab a slice while it's still piping hot. The slices are slimmer than usual, which means you get to try more kinds. It's totally genius.

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9. The Sausage Factory 517 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (The Castro)

Named after the real-life sausage factory that held the location until the 1940s, The Sausage Factory has a super-friendly staff, the pizzas are big (a medium is more than enough for two), and it's a cozy spot where you can actually relax while you're shoving pizza pie in your pie hole.

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10. Escape From New York Pizza 1737 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Upper Haight)

Escape from New York in the Haight is the perfect cure to any bad hangover, or fun night out. Their thin crusts are delicious, as are their juicy tomato sauces that coat said crust.