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Those coffee pods get a new home

From the people behind those 55-cent, single-serving espresso pods comes Nespresso Boutique: a cafe-cum-shop with a sexy lounge-lit coffee bar, a video wall, and more caffeine than you can (uncontrollably) shake a stick at.Nespresso's offering more than just your typical, "Oh God wha happen to all the moiture in ma mouf" coffee shop scone, thanks to a full-service cafe menu including these delicious ristretto espresso-braised short rib sliders.They're obviously well equipped to make all kinds of fancy coffee drinks, like this chocolate mocha topped with chocolate syrup drawings of... squiggly lines.Plus, they've got a crazy modern store downstairs where you can nab coffee makers or raid this self-serve wall of espresso pods that're robotically replaced by machines that can also tell you what you owe based solely on weight. Don't worry Pablo Sandoval, they mean coffee weight.