Food & Drink

New drinks and grub in the 'Loin

The Tenderloin: it's both where you go if you want to see someone go to the bathroom in public, and where you go if you want to kick it at a poolside restaurant with a winter-specific menu of next-level eats and drinks... and then see someone go to the bathroom in public. Seriously though, Chambers is now doing winter-y food and booze, including......this shrimp bisque with mirepoix vegetables, chili oil, and a salt and pepper prawn. Order it and your date's sure to point out whatta man, whatta, man, whatta mighty good man you are. (Yes he is!)You'll go full boar (eh? eh???) for the boar chop with sweet potato purée, broccoli rabe, mustard jus, and pine nuts.Or grab the confusingly-not-actually-pasta spaghetti squash with a sous vide egg, pancetta, chili flakes, and estero gold cheese.And finally, wash it all down with Drink #14, which's either what Joe Morgan used to say to Pete Rose after hitting his cup in beer pong, or a winter-y whiskey drank that adds house-made cider, citrus, egg white, and nutmeg.