Everyone's favorite meat supplier sets up shop

Finally putting a much-less-questionable spin on "I picked this cow up in The Mish", 4505 Meats has opened its very own butcher shop, with converted chicken-basket-lighting, fresh & frozen cuts, and, of course, chicharones!

Filled with all the gourmet meatstuffs you could want, this case's got bacon, ground beef, bacon, seven sausages, and bacon

The wall is plastered (okay, decoupaged) with all the draft picks of Ryan Farr's Whole Beast Butchery cookbook complete with notations

They've framed tickets for every whole cow that's been delivered, which list each calf's specs, including "Hot Weight", even though everyone knows a lady cow never tells

Plus, they make hot sausages on site including this bunned Classic Magnolia Chicken Beer

Or there's The Cole, which heartstoppingly combines a bacon-studded hot dog smothered in chorizo con queso and Fritos. Eat too many and your stomach might be the one experiencing Days of Thunder.