This Drought Calculator Tells You How Much Water Your Food Uses

Published On 04/09/2015 Published On 04/09/2015

This drought is pretty terrifying, but other than "letting it mellow if it's yellow," taking shorter showers, skipping car washes, and not watering your lawn/plants, there's not much the average Californian can do... OR IS THERE?

Well, you can also participate in the almond shaming that's all the rage these days since a single almond takes a gallon of water to grow and 10% of California's water goes to the almond farmers. And you can also use this handy-dandy interactive tool from the Los Angeles Times to figure out just how many gallons of water each meal you eat uses.

You'll learn that your 8oz of beef, sides of Brussels sprouts and potatoes, and a glass of red wine take 915 gallons of water -- that's 571 toilet flushes or 91 five-minute showers. One saving grace though... 8oz of lentils use 570 gallons of water. That's a ton, but it doesn't matter because who in his right mind wants to eat lentils? No one, that's who.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and she will happily give up almonds, but you'll have to pry the beef out of her cold, dehydrated hands. Follow her on Twitter @daisy.



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